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"We meet our hero, played by Andrew Bilgore, a spokesdude for Carl's Jr., in the bread aisle of a supermarket, where he silently gapes at the hundreds of different loaves crammed together like so many bright, bewildering foreign-language manga at a Japanese newsstand. He blankly surveys the display, hoping to see a wrapper he recognizes, perhaps one that a former girlfriend liked, or his mom, but he sees neither Weber nor Wonder, Langendorf nor Van de Kamp. He slumps and retreats, empty-handed. In another ad, he freezes when his number is called at a delicatessen counter; in a third, he is overwhelmed by the task of breaking eggs into a bowl. He is the Dumbest Man on TV. He is an existential superman, our hero, a muscly, unshaven figure in his late 30s, dress shirt untucked from a day of corporate warfare and reduced to his primal self, an alpha-male hunter driven to befuddled incoherence. The ad's announcer finally begins to speak: "Without us," he says, "some guys would starve.""



"Bob (CBS, 8:30 p.m. ET/PT): The season's best new comedy gets a one- time (for now) Monday airing with a goofy Christmas episode that even mocks holiday-episode morals to the story. As in all good ensemble sitcoms, supporting players emerge over time. Here, especially nifty work is done by Cynthia Stevenson as Bob's goody-goody daughter Trisha, and Andrew Bilgore as office ultra-nerd Albie."

[photo caption] "BILGORE, Character emerges on 'Bob'!"


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